Click to enlargeLady Morrigan's Scottish Highlands Arisaidh Ensemble

This stunning Scottish wool tartan arisaidh is truly one-of-a-kind and inspired by the 14th century highlander woman’s arisaidh. The arisaidh was made by sewing two lengths of 30” wide plaid together down the middle. It was worn belted around the waist and the extra fabric could be pinned at the breast and worn up as a hood in wet or cold weather. The excess could also be rolled and tied about the waist or tucked into the belt.

The arisaidh could also be worn alone over a long chemise, as it is long and wide enough to make a skirt and still be worn pinned at the breast. If you prefer, you can build a late period (17th-18th C.) Scottish persona with our wool plaid skirt instead. A tam, and gorgeous full-length chemise will complete your new outfit. I have taken some pictures to show the variety possible to give you some inspiration and get you started on discovering your own unique style.

The early period Lady Morrigan Ensemble below includes one 4 yard arisaidh (60 inches wide), one 4 panel gored skirt, one full-length natural (cream) or bleached (white) M'Lady Rose muslin chemise, one durable cotton twill stay (bodice), and one beret in matching tartan wool.

Subject to availability of wool! Please contact us if you have any concerns about availability or unique wool tartan requests and we will do everything we legally can to accomodate your specific needs!

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